This month we are introducing a brand new ministry at Landmark called “TGIF.” To answer your first question, “No, it has nothing to do with Friday.”

TGIF represents four vital areas of stewardship that are basic to becoming a mature disciple of Jesus Christ.They are:      Time   Gifts   Involvement   Finances                                              

screenThe enemy works tirelessly to stymie our growth by stealing our time, suppressing our giftedness, discouraging our involvement, and deflecting our finances with debt. Therefore, when a person becomes competent in managing these four areas of life, they are well on their way to spiritual and emotional maturity. So basically, TGIF is about discipleship and it is for everyone, new and veteran Christians alike.

We are asking everyone who is a part of Landmark to make a commitment to TGIF. You can stop by the TGIF display at Landmark Church to sign up or you can sign up by using this form. We promise we won’t spam you in any way and all of your information will remain private.

We will be introducing TGIF opportunities from time to time. You will be kept informed via email, snail mail, the church bulletin and live church announcements. Some of those opportunities will be a perfect fit for you. They will include things as diverse as discipleship courses, budgeting classes, serving opportunities, and book club small groups. They will also include ministries already taking place at Landmark such as Celebrate Recovery, SafeHouse, Stock the Shelves, Hot Dogs in the Park, etc.

All of this is an effort to make us better representatives of the Kingdom of God. We are all filled with purpose. Join with us in TGIF, discover your gifts, find your place, and fulfill your calling. You’ll be glad you did.


Pastor Rick