30.30 (Day 13) There’s Nothing Like a Good Gumbo

I have lived in Louisiana for twenty-three years. I am originally from Texas where chili (without beans) is king. I have found out that when you get outside Texas, not too many people know how to make real chili. Upon arriving in Louisiana, I quickly learned that here, gumbo is king. I’ve also learned that outside the borders of this fair state not too many people really know how to make a good gumbo.

Making a gumbo is both an art and a science. It is art in that it is a creative activity resulting in the production of something magnificent. It is a science in the sense that it is a systematic process requiring precise knowledge. Based on that, even though I can make a mean chili, I have left the gumbo making to the experts.

If I were to pose the question to you as to what the most important requirement for a gumbo is, most of you would say, “the roux.” And, you would be right, but it goes much deeper than that. The experts tell me that there are three basic ingredients that are the basis for making a roux. Without these three basic ingredients you will not have a gumbo. You can add all the other stuff you like, but without any one of these, no gumbo.

The three ingredients for a genuine Louisiana roux are oil, flour and water. Along with the application of the right degree of heat, these three ingredients are the key to gumbo heaven. Remove any one of them and you are destined to gumbo hell.

As it is with gumbo, so it is with authentic apostolic revival. There are three basic ingredients that will guarantee a sustained and powerful move of the Holy Ghost. And this is what we are asking for in the 30.30 Challenge.

Those three ingredients are (1) the anointing, (2) passion and (3) prayer. If we can capture these three basic concepts and mix them together we will have a beginning of the greatest Camp Meeting that has ever been held on the campgrounds.

In 2009 Apple introduced a slogan for the iphone3g. It was, “There’s an app for that.” I looked in the app store to see if there was an app for revival and in the app store there is not. But in the Word of God there is an APP for revival…Annointing, Passion, and Prayer.

The 30.30 Challenge will focus on these three essential ingredients. Briefly, the anointing defines our purpose, passion motivates us to accomplish our purpose and prayer empowers and emboldens us to be able to overcome any and all obstacles. Together, these three ingredients connect us to the throne of God in an unbeatable alliance.

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