30.30 (Day 9) THe Anointing is NOT an Ornament

I love to give gifts to my wife. Every year though I am challenged to find a gift that at least measures up to the gift I gave her last year. Several years ago, I accidently stumbled on a gift choice that I was able to depend on for about seven years. I bought her a fantastic figurine of a classic lady dressed extravagantly in all white. My wife loved it. She put it on display in a special place in our house. Much to my relief, I found out that this was part of a series that was added to yearly. So guess what? My gifts to her for the next few years were another lady in the series. We have since bought a display case with lights where the collection is featured. They are a great conversation starter and they look cool, but that’s about it. They just sit there.

A few years before “the ladies,” I gave my wife the gift of landscaping our front yard. The guys came out and planted shrubs, flowering plants, and trees. Over the years, these gifts have been a source of conversation and beautification. The plants have all grown. Each year they blossom and bring a refreshing new look to our home.

So, what’s the point? Some things are by static by nature. They are inanimate and are for decorative purposes only. Other things are alive! They are meant to grow, prosper and make a difference. The anointing was never meant to be an ornament put on display. The anointing is alive and its purpose is to bring life into the place it happens to be at the moment.

The anointing is such a special gift. It is not one that we sit on a shelf as a decoration, looking at it occasionally, as we happen to pass by. It is a living gift that must be nurtured, pampered, and exercised. If we don’t abuse the anointing by ignoring it or selfishly withholding it, then it becomes the greatest tool outside of prayer that we have in our possession.

The plants in our yard have to be taken care of constantly. If we didn’t water them, trim them, fertilize them and otherwise nurture them they would either become wild or they would die. The anointing MUST be exercised or it will atrophy and become a useless ornament reminding us of what could have been.

Nurtured anointing however will take us to our divine destiny. So, how do we develop and process maturing anointing? We develop the anointing through life experiences. David developed his anointing in the back pastures while guarding sheep. A bear, then a lion provoked his anointing and as a result his anointing was muscled up so that when a giant showed up he was able to take him out. His anointing eventually made him into a great conquering warrior.

Your anointing will be developed in your everyday life. It is important that you recognize that every life event, whether good or bad, is shaping your anointing and making you into what God wants you to become.

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