30.30 (Day 6) The Anointing Makes You Slippery

When I was a kid one of my favorite 4H Club activities was the greased pig contest. I enjoyed watching it more than I did participating in it because it was quite messy. A greased pig contest requires that a pig be covered in vegetable or mineral oil and then be released into the rodeo arena where it is chased by a group of people. The person who catches the pig is given a prize, sometimes the pig itself.

Watching people, whether kids or adults, try to catch the greased pig was hilarious. The pig was already quite agile and with the added oil became almost impossible to catch. People would dive at the pig; get him in their grasp only to have him slip out because of the oil. In the process, the oil would get on the contestants. This and the fact that they would fall in the dirt of the arena provided for many Kodak moments.

Finally, someone would catch and hold the pig and triumphantly they would walk away with the prize. If you are interested, there are websites that give pointers on how to catch a greased pig. Really!

Oil by nature is slippery. In the Old Testament, oil was used to anoint kings, priests and prophets as a sign of consecration to God. It was a slippery mess. Thankfully we no longer have to be anointed with a “horn of oil” for that purpose but we are now anointed by the Holy Spirit.

In the context of this devo, the Holy Spirit anointing makes us slippery. Now, I’m not inferring that we are pigs, but we are in a race for our very lives. The enemy is chasing after us to destroy our faith, our will, our love for church, our desire for the Word of God, and anything else that connects us to God.

If we are anointed we can slip through the fingers of doubt and fear. When satan tries to discourage us or grab us with a spirit of discontentment, the anointing makes us slippery and we can escape from his diving attempts to capture us.

Yes, the anointing, as previously mentioned, can be messy at times, but it’s the anointing that gives the ability to deal with circumstances that without God would destroy us. I pastor a lady who lost a toddler when he drank battery acid left out by her husband. The dad, overcome with grief, committed suicide not long after. That same lady lost another son to AIDS. Yet this awesome woman stood strong and true to God through it all. She was able to overcome because the anointing made her slippery and the enemy could not get a grip. I’ve seen others get caught in the web of the enemy after going through much less.

Commit to your anointing and you will come to know the real meaning of Paul’s words in 1 Cor. 12:10, “…for when I am weak, then I am strong.”

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