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I salute…

I started this series to show appreciation to some of the fabulous volunteers at Landmark Church. Today I am going to give a shout out to two of the most important people we have on our team

This couple is invaluable to me as pastor. Their dedication and faithfulness is deserving of way much more than a few paragraphs on a blog can give. I put them together because they work so diligently and effectively as a team. Over the years, they have contributed so much that it would be impossible to list it all but let me give a few examples.

Let me begin by saying they met at Landmark and it wasn’t long after they met that they decided to do life together. By themselves they were awesome but when they became a couple, the synergy that was created propelled them from awesome to incredible. Both of them are a part of the Landmark staff. He was our drummer for many years and she was, and still is one of our worship leaders and one of the finest singers you will ever hear. They are fully engaged in The 4:18 which is Landmark’s trademark ministry that is based on Luke 4:18-19. You will find them at numerous 4:18 events such as SafeHouse, Treats in the Village, The Lighthouse and others.

The most vital role they fill at Landmark is that of  Student Pastors. Their burden for young people is unequaled and easily discerned. I cannot tell you how many hours they have spent mentoring our students. They have spent thousands of their own dollars, put thousands of miles on their personal vehicles as well as buses and vans to make sure our young people are properly prepared for life. There have been times they made sacrifices I only heard about after the fact and usually then it wasn’t from them.1457558_10152205970695774_2126173054_n

They have arrived early and stayed late. They have chaperoned our kids to Youth Congress in places like Columbus and Nashville. They have made sure our kids were in youth rallies across Louisiana and Texas. They have used their car as a taxi to bring kids to church who didn’t have transportation. Every Wednesday night you will find them in our youth chapel worshiping God and putting His truth into them with the ministry of the Word. Most weekends they are at our main campus gymnasium making sure our youth have an opportunity to have clean, safe fun. If that’s not enough, he speaks to our entire congregation 10 or so times a year. He is one of the few I trust to handle our church in my absence. On top of all that he has a full time secular job and up until this past year, she was attending the University of Louisiana full time.

Quite frankly, I don’t see how they got it done, BUT THEY DID! The evidence of their passion and calling is a fantastic group of well rounded, Jesus loving, on the grow, young people.

1482882_644181892299579_1713616592_nMarcus & Cassie Murphy, I love you guys! I will never be able to repay you for all you have done and continue to do. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

It is people like you who I am so very proud to stand beside and shout to the world…”Together, we are Landmark!”

I salute…

its been awhile in coming but here is the latest installment of the series, “I salute… .”

She has the smile of an angel. She came to Landmark a few years ago and quickly involved herself in the life of the church. Her sweet disposition endears her to everyone she meets. You never hear her whine or complain. While there is a certain mystery about her there is absolutely no drama. She may be one of the most genuine people I have ever met. What you see is what you get.

Although I’m sure she does get flustered at something sometime, I have never seen her express frustration or even given a hint that there is any quit in her. She is a faithful member of the Landmark Praise Team and in that capacity, serves as one of our worship leaders. When she leads worship there is an undeniable anointing on her that even the least spiritual can see it. She is also very involved in the core ministry of Landmark, The 4:18. At our second campus, SafeHouse, she is a faithful volunteer.

photoIf I had to choose one word to describe her the word would be “steady.” Her love for God and the church is without question. Her loyalty is relentless and her faith is steadfast. Recently my wife and I have noticed a shift in her life, her demeanor and her devotion to the Kingdom as her consecration to God has taken her to a whole new level of anointing. Because we know her story, the respect my wife and I have for her is through the roof.

She is married to and is totally in love with a fine young man named Jake {who definitely married up ;)}. They have a bright ministry future ahead of them.

Her name is Kaitlyn D. and I stand proudly beside her and say, “We are Landmark!”


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